M-m-m-my Mojito!


Summertime can still be FUN for you sots! 🙂

I know, it’s counterintuitive. One would not think that it’s okay to drink when attempting to lose weight. Those of us who live in the Real World, however, know that an occasional indulgence is necessary to maintain one’s zest for life. Meaning hey, have HALF a Snicker’s ® bar once in a while. Don’t go on a Snickers ® diet for gosh sake–but if you eat half of one and toss the rest, you’ve just ‘cheated’ for only about a hundred calories.

Alcohol and losing weight also do not always combine well. Alcohol contains calories, it’s true. And no matter how ‘skinny’ a cocktail claims to be, trust me, it ain’t ‘skinny’ enough. I know, I’ve read the labels (you should too). Solution? Discover the caloric content of various alcohols, know which ones to completely avoid and which ones are slightly ‘better’ as far as weight loss is concerned. Here is a chart showing the caloric and carb value of each types of adult beverages. Calories are the problem–since most spirits contain no carbs it is the ADDITION of things such as sugar, fruit juice, etc. which cause the most difficulty for those trying to lose weight while still trying to have a drink before dinner. Or after. Or during. Whatever. Here ya go!

NOTE: Remember that CALORIES are NOT the same as CARBS

In order to make a ‘carb-friendly’ Mojito, a drink which is popular, especially in the summer months, I made a simple syrup from sucralose, which we all know is generic Splenda. And they said it couldn’t be done! Ha!

To make the calorie/carb-free simple syrup:

Using a ration of two to one, (two cups of sucralose to one cup of plain water), stir together and bring to a boil. Let cool, and if desired, spend a lot of time straining the resulting clear, sweet liquid through a coffee filter (yawn). Why? Because allegedly there is ‘sediment’ in it. I didn’t see any, and if I can’t see it, it ain’t there. So take that, purists!

For the My Mojito, grab hold of a whole lotta mint leaves, a few limes, and some light rum (and of course your simple syrup). Using about 12 mint leaves and two lime quarters, muddle them together in a tall, sturdy glass. Once your muddling has been properly achieved, add in about two tablespoons of the simple syrup (but yes indeed, do add to taste–some don’t like too much sweetness in their drinks), about an ounce and a half of light rum, add ice and top the whole business off with club soda. Oh, and if you wanna be all fancy schmancy, of course do garnish with a sprig of mint. Serve and enjoy!