Cwazy Wabbit


Rabbit Drink–not drink MADE from rabbit!!


I had a weird uncle. Not a ‘funny’ uncle, though Ed surely did have a sense of humor. Nope, he was just weird. A “health nut,’ who ran five miles a day long before it was called “jogging” and people were writing books about it. He was eating brewer’s yeast and scarfing down homemade yogurt while the rest of America was chowing down on Wonder Bread and Miracle Whip.

Anyway, My late uncle Ed was weird, not just because of his strange culinary proclivities and his addiction to vitamins and working out, but because he spent nearly his entire adult life building a boat. Yep, just ONE BOAT. It was called the SOHO, and it was the bane of our existence throughout my formative years. I liked my uncle; aside from the familial love, I mean…I thought he was a cool guy, growing up.

He used to take me to Kaiser Health Foods in Santa Barbara, California, where he would order me a ‘Rabbit Ear.’ Easy to make; a lot of folks think it sounds gross, but…they’re fun, and very, very good…The carrot juice HAS to be fresh–no substitute is acceptable, and in fact will ruin the drink.

What you need:

  • At least 12 oz. fresh carrot juice (NOT canned!! yikes!) and well chilled
  • Sugar free vanilla ice cream
  • Carrot sticks

Fill a tall glass with about 6 oz of the carrot juice, then place a scoop of the vanilla ice cream on top, making a ‘carrot juice float.’ Garnish with two carrot sticks and…voila!  “The Rabbit Ear!”

Enjoy!! 😛