Old-fashioned…With a Twist

Mama's...and mine

Gotta make it your own… 🙂

So today I was feeling quite under the weather, having had a bad reaction to a perfectly good flu shot (yeah, right). I needed some comfort food, and, of course, nothing comforts ME like…that’s right PASTA

I wanted to make my mom’s spaghetti sauce, and I did, but with just a few minor little itty bitty changes…For some reason, ever since my gallbladder decided it no longer wished to reside in its former spot near the rest of my innards I’ve had some trouble with beef. Nothing else, just beef. And I LOVE beef–go figure. So for this recipe I substituted ground chicken thigh meat–and before you scoff, you scoffers, let me just say…YUMMIFICATION!

Wow. Who knew? Good stuff. I tossed in a can of roasted, diced tomatoes as well, along with the previously verboten fennel (just a pinch) mentioned in the I Remember Mama post where I give my mom’s original sauce recipe. AND I used cappellini, which I prefer over ‘regular’ full-size spaghetti.

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday, and she will be 85. She says she still feels like she’s 16 on the inside, but does not, however, claim this is a good thing.

God bless moms everywhere, who managed not to kill us in our cribs (MY mom blames the ‘cuteness factor‘) and who did the best they could with the information they had…

September 29, 2012   Austin, Texas