Good Carbs, Bad Carbs: The Simple, Complex Truth


This carb stuff is CONFUSING!! Help!

“Good carbs,” and “bad carbs.” What’s the difference, and why should you care?

You should care because eating properly is about BALANCE. As Mr. Miyagi points out in the REAL Karate Kid, balance is not just for karate; balance is lesson for whole LIFE!  You cannot have a balanced diet without carbohydrates. You CAN, however, have a balanced diet without simple carbohydrates. There are two kinds of carbs: Simple (example: Snickers bar), and complex (example: baked potato). One is like a straight snort of crystal meth to your brainstem, and the other is, well, not. Complex carbs ease into your bloodstream and give you longer-lasting energy and satiety (satisfaction, including a “full” feeling), along with fats and proteins.

When you feel that urge to snack on simple carbs like candy and cookies, try something different. Combine protein (low-fat cheese, like a mozzarella string-cheese stick) with some crackers such as Pecan Nut Thins (by Blue Diamond, found in the Nut Thins aisle at your grocery store). SOME, I said, not ALL. Take it slowly, and give your body time to realize you’ve fed it. Most of us who overeat do so because we either don’t get the same signs from our diet-damaged brains that our slim brothers and sisters do, or we’ve lost touch with the signals our bodies give us. Or, maybe we eat because we’re bored. Whatever, we need to CHANGE the way we think about food, and the best way to do that is…

Eat your way into a new way of thinking. Don’t try to THINK your way into a new way of eating. Your tastes will change, your cravings will diminish, but you have to be patient, consistent and disciplined. Okay, you don’t HAVE to…but if you want to see a new you in the mirror, I suggest that you try another way. ‘Cause if you’re like me, the way I was doing it…wasn’t ‘doing it’ for me, if you get my drift.

And one more time, check out the Glycemic Index and let IT be your guide when it comes to carbs. You won’t be sorry, I promise you! 🙂