Magic Diet Flakes and Other Weird Stuff


Okay, like most of you, I watch TV. Probably too much TV. But that’s another blog. I’ve seen those ads for magic sprinkles you toss on your food and poof! you are suddenly SLIM! (Wow, new earworm…just got the song from Little Shop of Horrors playing…”Suddenly Seymour.” This blog stuff can be weird.)

Anyway, of course those stupid sprinkle things don’t work. How could they? Do you even know what’s in them? By what mechanism could tasteless flakes of whatever make you lose weight? Maybe if they contained rat poison (and I’m not saying they do! so leave me alone, you legal hounds of Hell!), you might waste away to nothing. But that hardly seems ideal.

And what about those “diet pills” that they tout all the time? “If you have over 30 pounds of repulsive fat to lose try LoseItZine! It’s clinically proven to diminish your bank account while leaving your waistline completely intact!” Come on, people. Check the ingredients. What’s in there that could possibly make you lose weight? Speed? Or meth, as it’s known by our younger generation? Hardly. (Because THAT might work. Although it’s highly illegal and I am by NO MEANS recommending it!)

I challenge you, gentle reader, or the manufacturer of any of these alleged “weight loss” pills to prove what ingredients cause people to lose weight without doing anything else except using their products. Logically, don’t you think, if this stuff worked, we’d have solved our weight problems?

We have to change our eating habits, and we have to do it permanently. Diets make us fat because they are frustrating (which causes people to want to eat more), they are expensive (which frustrates and worries people, causing them to want to eat more), and they are temporary. Change your eating habits. Don’t diet.

And one more word about expense. A lot of people are financially challenged (in my case, poor). The cheapest food is also the food that is the least healthy for you. The most accessible food (fast food) is so bad for you that some folks actually want to ban the restaurants and especially the ads they use to sell their products. Hey, to me this is like an objectionable TV program. I change the channel, I don’t go to war with the station. We need to give ourselves good-tasting, healthy alternatives to feed our bodies properly, and most of us need to do it on a budget–we may love the Food Network (and Lord knows, I do), but how many of us can afford half the stuff they use to cook those meals? Hey, let’s not even get into the cost of knives and so on.

I’m going to give you one of my favorite recipes for chili which I stole then altered to suit my goals (losing weight while eating really yummified food that I create), and I hope you give it a whirl. Try, tweak, enjoy, and let me know how it goes! I call it Rockin’ Chicken Chile ala Carlita.