It’s My Body and I’ll Eat What I Want To


To which I say, “right on.” Which is an expression from my own personal Dark Ages. It is indeed your body, and here’s the thing: YOU have to live in it..for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Now, you can live in a disgusting, filthy, roach-infested, disease-ridden, rat-crawling apartment in a bad part of town,

or you can choose to move on up to the East Side, to a DEE luxe apartment in the skyyyyyy. 75 year old grandma

It’s up to you: Vermin-infested roach hotel, or beautiful, clean bug-free penthouse. Your body, your choice.

Very few things in life are in our control. What we put into our bodies is one of those few things. Think about it.


Here are some things to think about. Let’s not do everything all at once. Let’s take ‘baby steps.’ Remember the movie, What About Bob? Inspiring. Small things you can to to start on your new life of self-control and apartment body beautification are:

  • Stop eating fast food. Or at least cut back. If you’re going five times a week, cut back to three. Then two…then one…then…? 🙂
  • Decide what’s important to you. Do you care about what you’re like when you’re 40? 50? How about when you’re 70 or 80, you should live so long. Do you realize that the decisions you make now effect the rest of your life? No? Hey, remember that party that time in college, when your girlfriend said, “But baby, we don’t have any protection!” and you said, “Aw, c’mon, just this once, what could happen?” And then nine months later…? As we age we lose muscle mass. Read all about this fascinating phenom here.
  • Figure out the things you crave, then set about getting them in more healthy ways. Love ice cream? Hey, there’s an alternative–several in fact–that have low or no sugar, and some have no ‘cream’ in them at all! AND they taste good.
  • Be patient with yourself. You didn’t put the weight on over a weekend; it’s going to take time, effort and discipline to take it off. You can do it, but you have to give yourself time.
  • Stop with the negativity already. Give yourself positive feedback. At 220 pounds there’s no way I could stand in front of a mirror and say “This is the body I give to my lover!” and not want to barf. So be reasonable, but not negative. Look in the mirror and say, “Hey, dude (or dudette, as the case may be), I can totally DO this! Today I’m eating a hard-boiled egg for a snack instead of five pudding cups. YES! [insert theme from Rocky here]” and then do it.
  • Failure is part of success. Setbacks happen, but just remember: YOU are in control. It is YOUR body, and you WILL eat what you want to. Right on.

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