Famine/Starvation Mode Myths and Legends


The reason I say that you must eat to lose weight is this: Take too many calories away from your body and your body thinks there is a famine. At that point, you may go into ‘starvation mode.’ I suggest you take the time to read the research and various studies on this phenomenon and in this way educate yourself as a form of protection against the bad information and ill-informed yet well-meaning folks who offer their diet guru-isms to the world at large.

The key here is balance. But again, we come upon the question of definition; what constitutes a “balanced diet?” Opinions vary. It is important to remember, however, that everyone is different. I will say that again for emphasis: EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. What is right for an Alaskan Inuit in terms of balanced diet is completely wrong for me, and vice versa.

A little effort is required on our parts to figure out what is right, what works, what is healthy for US as individuals. In general, however, I will say this: If we all ate the way in control diabetics should eat, we would all be a great deal healthier, and our weight problem in this country would be greatly diminished. Much of diabetic food recommendations are based on The Glycemic Index, a very useful tool, and one I will be speaking of a lot more in posts to come. Take a gander at the linked article, and see what you think.