You and Your Fat Cells: A Love Story?


 They look harmless, don’t they? Ah, but no…these little buggers lie in wait, sneakily anticipating the signal from your brain…”INFLATE!!! DEPLOY!!!”

Scary, no? YES! Because once inflated, guess what? No matter how many times you deflate these little suckers, they will forever be sending signals back to your brain saying “Please let us re-inflate! Please please we promise we’ll be good!” and so on. Lies, all lies. They won’t be good. Oh, no. they will make you FAT again. And again. And again. The endless love/hate cycle. Love to eat, hate to get fat. And your fat cells love to be inflated, and hate deflation. (See the link above? Click up there for a truly enlightening expose’ of fat facts.) Even if you lose so much weight that some of your fat cells die and go to…wherever fat cells go, you can grow NEW ones! Oh, joy.  😦

All this information, while interesting, is a lot to digest. And yes, pun intended. The main thing is this: fat is neither simple, nor is it your enemy. Fat, like Truth, simply…is. And we humans have to have a little bit of understanding about it and its real nature and importance in order to do battle with it. Okay, so maybe it’s our enemy…sometimes. But this is a battle of brain, not brawn, mostly. You have to use your noggin here, understand why we get fat, what keeps us fat, and how to STOP being fat–forever.

So let’s talk about food. 😀